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Have you ever read a mysterious, enigmatic manual – when you were quite puzzled by what to do with an appliance? We bet you did! Just recall buying any Chinese gimmick with poorly translated instruction. No doubt, you thought to yourself: “If I were to write or translate a manual, I’d do it impeccably – or at least way better than this!” Guess what: many of those manual translators and editors think they did a good job, too. This means – hypothetically – that the manuals you write can have drawbacks as well.

Here at we have technical real writers of genius. They know what to do with a manual to make it really outstanding. This has to do with editing and formatting the text. Grammar, punctuation, and word choice are probably not the first things that come to your mind while thinking of a good manual, but guess what – they do matter.

Quite often writers are so involved with and absorbed in their own work – emotionally, intellectually, and otherwise – that they fill pages with great ideas but fail to avoid obvious mistakes and express their true intent clearly. This is when the wisest guys start looking for professional services to edit technical manuals.

Whereas years ago a lot of documents could go without any proofreading at all, and only the richest corporations could hire in-house editors, now practically anyone can go online and find a website promising, for instance, to edit technical manuals. As you probably have guessed, so many good editors just couldn’t have appeared from nowhere is such a short time. This means many of those who edit training manuals don’t have the right education or sufficient experience. Many of them are self-taught practitioners from countries where English is not the first language.

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